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2010-05-20 11:00:25 by Somnocyde

Looks like I finally finished another song!^-^ A dear friend gave me the name; Oh Dip!!! Lolz Anywho I really hope that the community enjoys this one, and if you are reading this; PLEASE REVIEW! -Peace


2010-05-06 19:29:38 by Somnocyde

It would appear that some people, albeit a relatively small crowd, actually enjoy my submissions! PREPOSTEROUS!!! ... though I am really grateful^-^. By the bye, thanks alot TrueTechGeek, 'tis a real honor to be featured on youtube lolz. Anywho thanx for the support newgrounds! I promise i'll do my best for the up-and-coming audio! <>,..,<>RAWR


2010-04-27 21:56:56 by Somnocyde

Welll i finally got to post audio... but not many people liked it lolz. I can't really blame them. But Hear me out Newgrounds Community! I WILL NAWT GIVE UP!!! .. okay that was a tad dramatic. In short, i've improved alot since i finished those two tracks and there is much better to come... so bear with me everyone! Peace!! <>,..,<>RAWR

New Account!

2010-04-25 11:05:47 by Somnocyde

AWLRIGHT! hullo newgrounds, 'Somnocyde' is really just me (muffcake666) in disguise! Shocking yes, but i had to create a new account in order to submit audio again (totally got banned on my last account). Anywho i hope this explains why this account is so... lackluster. Enjoi the music, and PLEASE GIVE OPINIONS!! <>,..,<>RAWR